May 7 – Bistro MD – Lunch

Jerk Chicken with Mango Chutney… very good, very filling. I didn’t realize how hungry I was from breakfast until I started eating this.

I can’t remember the last time I had okra… and this came with a side of tomato okra stew. Very good – left me wanting more. 330 calories. (Btw, the pancakes this morning were 390!).

Having two cups of water… and then will try to postpone my snack until 2:30.


Just reordered

Ok, I decided to reorder BistroMD. I called and placed myself on re-occurring status.

That being said, I also learned that every person I refer will get a $50 credit if they say they were referred by me, and I will get a $50 credit for my order the week following.

So, if any of these posts has piqued your interest, and made you decide that you want to have BistroMD delivered – consider this my referral. We both benefit and hopefully will keep on losing weight together.

Send me a message at sonyasfoodblog <AT>, as you will need to have my name to be referred.

May 6 Bistro MD Dinner

Tonight’s meal – Chicken Breast Stuffed with Brown & Wild Rice.

I forgot what dinner was going to be earlier and as my husband called out what was in the fridge, I said something like “gee, that sounds bland.” However, the packaging describes this dish as: “Grilled and oven-roasted chicken breast stuffed with brown and wild rice, served with baby peas and shoestring carrots. ratatouille and roasted-chicken demi-glace.”

So, my interest is now piqued a bit more. This dinner has to compare with what my husband is having as this is the first night he is cooking a warm meal for himself and not warming something else up in the microwave.

I think it will, just because insert processed cheez name here is in the title. I’m not a fan of processed cheese in any fashion, and hopefully won’t be tempted tonight.

I didn’t have my morning snacks today because I was up later than expected. The chicken dish has 330 calories, but 760mg of sodium. This is the highest sodium content I’ve seen in a BistroMD meal so far. Others have been as low as 80mg. Also for dinner, instead of a fruit, I’m adding 1/2 of a sweet potato to the meal, bringing the total calories to 465. I will bypass the butter, but considering adding a bit of cinnamon.


Well, I didn’t end up eating the sweet potato as it ended up on the floor. I guess that’s a sign. The meal itself was very filling, the stuffing very  slightly hinted of garlic. The chicken had grill lines, and actually tasted grilled. It had a great texture. No gristle or anything else  you wouldn’t want to find in a prepared meal.  Another excellent dinner.



May 6 Bistro MD Lunch

Turkey Salisbury Steak with French Cut Green Beans & Cauliflower puree.

Overall, a good but awkward meal. I followed the heating instructions (3 minutes if defrosted)- which worked for the veggies. Took a bite of the “steak” and it was still cool. I cut it in half, warmed the meal for another minute. It felt fine, but immediately cooled down once I took my seat.

I didn’t want to reheat the entire meal again since the veggies were perfectly cooked and would have dried to nothingness.I ended up eating the veggies, then reheating the “steak” another minute.

I actually find it hard to believe that it was only 240 calories, and as filling as it was.

A little frustrating to cook, but I’d eat it again. This might work better as a turkey meatballs concept so reheating is more even…


May 5 – BistroMD Dinner

Beef Bourguignon with cauliflower puree – this was probably the best meal I have had since starting the program. 340 calories. The quality of the beef was very good, the small onions were sweet. The cauliflower puree was excellent, though I wish there had been a little bit more of it.

Very satisfying. I also added my second fruit of the day to the meal, which will help keep me satisfied I think. Now just to get through the evening with no more snacks…

From myfitnesspal:

Totals 1,460 194 30 112 2,080 23  
Your Daily Goal 1,600 160 36 160 2,500 25  
Remaining 140 -34 6 48 420 2  
  Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber  

If every day were like today… You’d weigh 13lbs less in 5 weeks


May 5 – Bistro MD – Afternoon Snack 2

Crunch O’s – 12 grams of protein. 130 Calories.

They are very light, very barbecque- y. They could definitely fill a chips craving. The back of the package also notes there is a Sour Cream & Onion Flavor. Sort of an odd aftertaste after eating about a quarter of the bag, and then tend to stick to my teeth.

Still good though – exceptionally crunchy, and leaves the taste buds with a small “burn”. It took me about 30 minutes to finish it. A similar bag of chips would have taken me 5 minutes.

Btw, they look giant, but are about the size of Cheerios on steroids.



May 4 – After Dinner Snack

After dinner snacks – 4oz Oikos Original Greek Yogurt Chocolate and a small snack cup of pears in their own juice.

Daily totals from The protein total is a bit lower than I’d like, but only by 10 or so grams.

Totals 1,582 193 40 110 2,761 31  
Your Daily Goal 1,600 160 36 160 2,500 25  
Remaining 18 -33 -4 50 -261 -6  
  Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber  

If every day were like today…  I’d weigh 12.2 lbs less in 5 weeks (according to
Now for a glass of water and sleep!

May 4 – Bistro MD Meals – Afternoon Snack 2

So, even though my intention was to stay firmly the plan today, I noticed I was still hungry after lunch and snacks.  I knew the plan is for about 1200 calories, and other nutritionists I’ve worked with have estimated my food should be between 1800-2300 calories based on my weight.

I haven’t lost at those levels, but didn’t want to stress out about hunger. So, after talking with the Bistro MD nutritionist, I am now adding 1 additional protein snack plus 2 servings of fruit per day.

For my afternoon snack – I had one reduced fat string cheese and an apple. Right at the 150 calorie mark! (Yes, no pics for this one. Sorry! :)).