May 7 – Bistro MD – Lunch

Jerk Chicken with Mango Chutney… very good, very filling. I didn’t realize how hungry I was from breakfast until I started eating this.

I can’t remember the last time I had okra… and this came with a side of tomato okra stew. Very good – left me wanting more. 330 calories. (Btw, the pancakes this morning were 390!).

Having two cups of water… and then will try to postpone my snack until 2:30.


May 6 Bistro MD Lunch

Turkey Salisbury Steak with French Cut Green Beans & Cauliflower puree.

Overall, a good but awkward meal. I followed the heating instructions (3 minutes if defrosted)- which worked for the veggies. Took a bite of the “steak” and it was still cool. I cut it in half, warmed the meal for another minute. It felt fine, but immediately cooled down once I took my seat.

I didn’t want to reheat the entire meal again since the veggies were perfectly cooked and would have dried to nothingness.I ended up eating the veggies, then reheating the “steak” another minute.

I actually find it hard to believe that it was only 240 calories, and as filling as it was.

A little frustrating to cook, but I’d eat it again. This might work better as a turkey meatballs concept so reheating is more even…