End of Day Roundup

Well, I’m nearing the end of the meals I have on hand from BistroMD, so I’m trying to stretch them out until the next arrival scheduled for Wednesday.

Soon after my snack, I had the BistroMD Cookie – 150 Calories. Texture was actually a lot better than I expected, this could be a go-to for cookie cravings.

When I arrived home from work, my husband prepared dinner. I had tacos (been so craving mexican food). What I noticed tonight that I was able to fill up on less food overall. Normally I would have gone back for seconds, and I did make a point to measure everything. Also had enough energy to take the dogs for a nice long walk after dinner, which was nice.

Feeling sleepy today – my meals are currently de-frosting in the fridge for tomorrow. Pictures and totals are below.

Totals 1,720 160 68 126 2,718 22
Your Daily Goal 1,600 160 36 160 2,500 25
Remaining -120 0 -32 34 -218 3
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Fiber

If every day were like today… You’d weigh 11.5 lbs less in 5 weeks*
Per myfitnesspal.com




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