May 6 Bistro MD Dinner

Tonight’s meal – Chicken Breast Stuffed with Brown & Wild Rice.

I forgot what dinner was going to be earlier and as my husband called out what was in the fridge, I said something like “gee, that sounds bland.” However, the packaging describes this dish as: “Grilled and oven-roasted chicken breast stuffed with brown and wild rice, served with baby peas and shoestring carrots. ratatouille and roasted-chicken demi-glace.”

So, my interest is now piqued a bit more. This dinner has to compare with what my husband is having as this is the first night he is cooking a warm meal for himself and not warming something else up in the microwave.

I think it will, just because insert processed cheez name here is in the title. I’m not a fan of processed cheese in any fashion, and hopefully won’t be tempted tonight.

I didn’t have my morning snacks today because I was up later than expected. The chicken dish has 330 calories, but 760mg of sodium. This is the highest sodium content I’ve seen in a BistroMD meal so far. Others have been as low as 80mg. Also for dinner, instead of a fruit, I’m adding 1/2 of a sweet potato to the meal, bringing the total calories to 465. I will bypass the butter, but considering adding a bit of cinnamon.


Well, I didn’t end up eating the sweet potato as it ended up on the floor. I guess that’s a sign. The meal itself was very filling, the stuffing very  slightly hinted of garlic. The chicken had grill lines, and actually tasted grilled. It had a great texture. No gristle or anything else  you wouldn’t want to find in a prepared meal.  Another excellent dinner.




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